No matter where we go, whether it is a short or long road adventure, be it a business trip to Dubai holidays in the Caribbean or backpacking in South East Asia, packing is the single most essential thing that could either make or break our escape. And sometimes, we still go back to the one who knows best and sometimes acts as if she knows everything, but nonetheless we listen to—our Moms.

Here are twelve of the respected seasoned (*cough*hottest) Filipino male travel bloggers and facts that correlates two of the things that have been haunting them for the longest time…

Travel & their Moms.


James of

James’ mom will just make sure that he doesn’t forget anything. Like wallet, phone, shades, jacket and that’s it. Point blank. He is suspecting that his mom really wants him to just get his a** out of the house. His mom’s only requirements would be a text message update of his whereabouts and the Pasalubog (some goodies from the destination).


Marky of

Marky: I won’t be here this Saturday
Mom: OK, and where exactly are you going?
Marky: Bangkok?
Mom: But you’ve been there
Marky: I haven’t been there mom

This is a standard format of their mom-son pre travel pep talk. Marky’s mom seriously believes that his son has been to all imaginable places. Unless of course he is being mistaken to be somebody else. Well, we can’t blame Mrs. Go.

Jerome of

Mrs Baluyut is a mom cum quality assurance specialist. She double checks Jerome’s bag to make sure everything is packed for her son who happens to have a premature Alzheimer’s. LOL.

He is also required to have a status report sent via SMS upon touch down. Final instructions vary depending on his destination: If it is local, “Beware of Rebels” and if it is international “Beware of diseases, it is dirty there”  LOL


Edcel of

Ed’s mom is the one who reminds him to bring medicines on the road, because he doesn’t bring those. She also tells him to double check his wallet as he sometimes doesn’t know where he placed it even if its already in his pocket, another case of premature Alzheimer’s here.

He is lucky to have a mom that is up to date with current issues, as he is always being told not to leave his luggage unattended to prevent a window of opportunity for syndicates to slip something in the bag and him accused for being a drug mule. Clever mom.

Estan of

You may be surprised (because we were) that Estan always carry with him (are you ready?) The Holy Rosary. That is because his mom will not let him go out on a trip without it. Now we all know what this guy is doing on a long haul flight or idle transit hours. So, Estan Cabigas… PRAY FOR US!

Ron of

Ron’s mom always advises him to bring a small towel or “sapi.” It is something he can put inside his shirt to absorb his lard. Ron sweats like there’s a spring of oil in his pores and Mommy is always scared of him acquiring pneumonia.

She, though still very young, demonstrates a classic case of selective retrograde amnesia. She will always say the same scripted line over and over every time his son is about to hit the road “You should make sure the place is safe, there are lots of bad entities out there, you know?” to a point that Ron can lip sync his mom’s line every time they come across this particular scenario.

So Ron will always opt to just let his folks know his current location when he’s already in the destination. But he is still not safe from guilt trip scolding on the phone:

Mom: Are you intentionally inducing a heart attack to your mom? <insert drama lines here> 
Ron: Anything else you want to say?
Mom: Buy me an expensive coffee… and a hand bag.

Flip of

His mom knows him really well as she would advise him to bring vitamins and the constant reminder to always take caution on the road. Yes, our friend Flip here is a magnet of road and transportation related dramas.


Robbie of

Robbie says his mom, on the other hand, doesn’t care at all. Or should we say, got a zen perspective in life which makes Robbie the envy of most budding travel junkies.

Robbie: Ma, I’m going to _____
Mom: When are you coming back?
Robbie: Next week.
Mom: Okay, take care!

<end of discussion>


RV of

RV prevents a temporary restraining order from his mom by this effective SMS strategy: “Mom I’ll be gone for XX days. boarding already 😀

That leaves his mom with no other choice but to say “Amping pirmi” loosely translated into English means Take care always. But his grandma’s got the ultimate travel advise “Always check twice before you cross the street ha, hijo”. Little did the lady know that her grandson doesn’t cross the streets, but owns it! In the most lunatic way possible.

Darwin of

Other than the usual advise of taking good care of his gadgets and packing a medicine cabinet, his mom requires him to bring a homing device (phone) and Darwin has to carry it with him, maybe even when going to the loo.

Darwin would not forget his first solo trip to Sagada and he had this conversation with his mom via SMS

Darwin: Nay, I’m going to Sagada
Mom: When and where is that?
Darwin: Like now! I’m already on a bus to Baguio, Sagada is around 6 hours more from Baguio

[Then he slipped his phone in the bag and slept. GOOD JOB! Halfway along the route, after 10 missed calls and heaping text messages. He answered the call]

Mom: Son, you better take care, I’m worrying, I heard that there are cases of landslides there, specially now that there’s a storm.
Darwin: Not true, it’s just drizzling here.

Then came typhoon Mina. All trips to Sagada were cancelled except for one bus which just left, to save himself from going back to the city he rented a cab and did an Amazing Race-ish car chase to the next province! He made it! But still, mom knows best. There was a landslide and he got stranded. Knowing that his mom will do the “I told you so” litany, he just informed some friends of his whereabouts. Bad Darwin! Bad Boy! … But you have a future in politics, really.


Lloyd of

Lloyd’s mom seems to be both traditional and chic. As she always advise him to bring the Lord of Pardon prayer book. But aside from that, antihistamines and a sunscreen are the must bring. Yes, his mom knows the fashionably correct way of traveling. As for the anti-allergy medicine, we are guessing that it is for the anaphylactic shock that Lloyd might sustain after praying. (We’re kidding, Lloyd is spiritual… really).


Dong of

His mom always makes sure that he brings a Jacket. She also tells him to take good care of his Things and travel Safely.

Guys, using basic deductive analysis, we all know that Mrs. Ho is using an analogy and those keywords are just euphemisms. 😛

How about you? What is your mom’s ultimate travel advise when you are on the road?