Museum, Musicals and Money Games (Marina Bay Sands Singapore)

It seems like I am becoming the unofficial tour guide of my friends and fellow travel bloggers whenever they visit Singapore, or should I say, the official ambassador to hawkers and malls of this country. Most often than not, visitors to this little red dot would only want to see one thing to take their pictures with… Ulysses.

If you don’t know who Ulysses is, well, he’s the half Simba half Ariel icon of SIN city.

Couple of years ago, an “engineering wonder” rose from the bay and blocked the once unobstructed bay view of the well-loved mutant mythical cement symbol. No, not Louis Vuitton, it is the Marina Bay Sands.

Most of the people I know who are visiting this concrete jungle ask me for tips and information on what the things they can do at the Marina Bay Sands. So to spare myself from the tiring repetition of campaigning and hard selling MBS to them (which I’m not really getting paid to do) I’m sharing this once and for all–So these are my top 3 things you can do in and around that building that looks like Noah’s Ark that accidentally landed on three pillar stumps after the great flood.

1. CASINO – Try your luck and and play some casino games like the baccarat and poker, pick one of their 500 tables or go maniac with the 1,6oo in-house slots (machines, it’s with a letter O not U). Go to Gamblingplanet while simultaneously praying to all the dieties and saints you know to bless you and hope to score some jackpots in the largest casino atrium in the world.

Bring your passport, tourists can enter the casino free off charge, that is $100 savings.

2. MUSICALS – This could be the closest thing you can do if flying to Manhattan is not part of your near future plans. The Sands Theater at Marina Bay Sands opened with a stellar show, The Riverdance in 2010 (Allegedly the cause of increase in prevalence of gayness in Singapore by 5%). Then came the Lion King Broadway Musical and the current blockbuster–Wicked.

We know, Chenoweth and Menzel will never be topped (point blank!) We were actually expecting to do some comparative commentaries between the Australian cast with the original with our eyes rolling, but Jemma Rix lived up to every facial muscle tweak and every note that the character Elphaba required. While Suzie Mathers played Galinda with precise synchronization to fans’ expectations, plus a Rachel Berry flavor!

3. MUSEUM – The ArtScience museum is the easiest to spot in this reclaimed picturesque structure. It is just right outside the building and shaped like a futuristic lotus flower with its middle finger raised high up in the air. Last season they featured the works of Dali and Van Gogh, which I, unfortunately missed. This time they are channeling the era of flappers, the glorious years Art Deco and the heyday of Trans-Atlantic voyages–The Titanic. Artifacts of the what could have been the “unsinkable” ship is on display in celebration of its 100th year since the maiden voyage.

And whoever will sing My Heart Will Go On while descending down their life size replica of the grand stair case will forever be cursed to look like Celine Dion, or Michael Bolton, or Jay Leno… Which essentially be the same since they all look alike!

The Museum is open 10:00AM – 10:00PM daily, Including public holidays (LAST ADMISSION AT 9PM.)

Entrance fees : $15 for adults / $9 for kids

PS. Dear MBS,

You guys better give us a complimentary accommodation soon! LOL

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  • dong ho

    February 7, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    whoa! some friends also went there because of the musicals. teka pauwiin mo na si monette dito. di na namin nakakasama.

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