what people think we do… as travel bloggers

Time for another meme… This one is still fresh off the oven.

A lot of people are consistently asking us what it is like to be a travel blogger. How on earth do we get to travel often? Do we really have day jobs to sustain the expenses on a trip? or maybe we just hop on a plane and have a sponsor pay for our weekend trip to Turkey all inclusive  We thought of making one of these memes to illustrate our sentiments as travel travel bloggers and show what we think other people think we do, versus what we really do!

(From top row left to right)

  • Whenever we are on the road, or even just in a small restaurant back home, we can smell the raising of eyebrows around the table once the plates are served. Because we do not care if our friends are so hungry to a point of a Rachel Zoe classification of starvation–a food photo shoot must always take place!
  • Our parents think, just because we post pictures of beer drinking parties on facebook, that means we are some bunch of wasted kids who walk back to the hostel as shitfaced train wrecks. Although there’s a small amount of truth in that sometimes.
  • We understand, being on the WWW and having more than three readers will essentially make one feel that he or she is a public figure, and feel that they are somewhat expected to do charities and volunteer acts. We are guilty of contracting this superstar syndrome (shameful).

(From second row left to right)

  • Dear advertiser, not because other bloggers from god-knows-what-island in the southern hemisphere said ‘yes’ to your 62 links plus a sidebar gif for $50 offer means everyone else in the blogosphere are imbecile enough to accept your offer, travel bloggers are not as poor as you think we are and we will not dive into the water when you throw you coins there… Now, talk to my Louis Vuitton ‘coz the ear ain’t listenin’ sugah! nah-uhm-uhm!
  • We would like to believe that we are loving the life of on the road while being productive at the same time… enough said! We are not gonna do the Location Independent litany shit!
  • In reality, we are still the 8-5ers and we are still sticking to this lifestyle just because of one thing–we still can’t afford to lose the magic pot of gold which magically replenishes itself every middle and end of the month. So while we are still not as filthy rich as we want ourselves to be, we will continue haggling with our bosses for holiday offs and play best actors to get the approval of our emergency and medical leaves for some last minute weekend road trips.

Now it’s your turn. Make your meme, post your link in the comment box below!


Disclaimer: This is our take on it and it may or may not necessarily apply to all travel bloggers. So if you disagree, save yourself from unnecessary drama and make your own! LOL