celebrating the world sea turtle day

I have not seen a sea turtle in my 30 something years of existence (well, of course other than Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatella Versace). That being said, I still feel so connected with these fascinating creatures like as if they are talking straight to me, even through photos (I know, WTF right?). That’s the reason why I am getting a sea turtle tattoo next month. I got inspired with Angel’s blog about Sea Turtles, so I decided to draw another baloney out out of my playful imagination by making a spin-off through correlating Men and Sea Turtles.

Photo by Angel Juares

Facts about Sea Turtles MEN

There are seven species of Sea Turtles MEN.
>Straight (taken/married), Straight (looks like a door knob), Bi-Curious, Metrosexual/closet, proud gay, tranny and the Justin Bieber.

Sea Turtles  MEN are solitary and are not territorial.
>A lot of men, even beyond post puberty (READ: 28 years old) doesn’t really have territorial tendencies, because we don’t really have our OWN territory per se and we opt to live as a single and free men … in our mom’s house.

Sea Turtles MEN are naturally nomads and amazing swimmers.
>After enjoying in one, we move to the next. we can go for several minutes without breathing specially if… if… this is self explanatory… you idiot!

Sea Turtles MEN are color blind.
>We don’t know when a girl is down and BLUE; how to differentiate the RED hot easy hookies from the “right” ones; and who cares if she’s BLONDE?

Very few Sea Turtles MEN make it even before hatching
> Replace ‘hatching’ with the following: (a) marriage (b) commitment (c) orgasm

Very few Sea Turtles MEN make it to maturity.
>DOTA? X-BOX? PLANT vs. ZOMBIES? and how old is he again?

Well, I guess sea turtles are a lot like MEN after all. And just like sea turtles we may look hard from the outside, but we are … errr … always wet!

DISCLAIMER: Don’t take this seriously!

Now, tell me you don’t feel connected too? So let us all protect these gentle creatures, shall we?

Check out the real facts about sea turtles here http://www.lakwatsero.com/info/seven-facts-about-sea-turtles/

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  • Sam

    June 10, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    All I can say is I think you really aught to make a point of seeing a sea turtle one day. To check your comparison of course.

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