of pregnancy and rehab

We want to start this post with line popularized by our very own former president “I AM (we are so) SORRY!” or better yet change our URL to wearesosorry.com

Two months of AWOL is unacceptable. But we are still strongly denying the rumors that Monette gave birth while I (Ron) was forced to go on a rehab. Now do the math, scandal plus rehab? If those were true then you should have heard us announcing that we booked flights to miami faster than we can even say, hello and f**k yeah Lindsay Lohan.

Truth is, we are brewing a project. Something that we love and very passionate about, (not karaoke) Travel DUH!

A travel reality show to be exact and in the past two months we were spending days and nights with the team PHL360°. Who wouldn’t? If this is as close as we can get to give Snooki a run for her money, we would not mind blowing pickles off the jar.

So there you go, PHL360° came in to the picture. It is a fusion of reality TV and travel show circling around the stories of eight Indie travelers; Dong an electronic engineer, Robx a digital artist, Hannah a pole athlete, Chichi a marketing specialist, Robert a TV journalist, Chyng a software analyst and us, the beer drinking road rats in corporate disguise. It is a show filled with advocacy, moving pictures from the book of indie travel 101 and a dash of road drama while the pairs embark on a trip around the Philippines.

Eight different kinds of travelers doing four extraordinary trips in four different destinations in the country (North, South, East, West).  Eight folks will be grouped into four.  Say, a drama queen is partnered with college loser or a former nun meets former porn starlet… Of course those are just examples demmit, but each duo travels to a place both not suited to their personalities with a mission of exploring the place and tell their stories. We will see what happens after the weekender trip and some surprise twists along the way. The series will be launched in June of this year.


Unlike other travel shows this will focus on the human side of travel, the location will be the backdrop, but ultimately we want to show that travel is not just an activity, it’s a lifestyle.  There are different reasons and inspirations why people travel.  More than the pictures we post on Facebook, there is always a profound story of one’s journey.  The food, history, politics and the people we meet on the road are crucial elements of travel.  So it’s not just the destination but the experience, the whole 360° of it.

Check out PHL360.com for details and follow us on facebook.com/PHL360 and on twitter@PHL360