thrilla in NAIA

Excuse us for posting showbiz stuff, please allow us to rant.

I was retardedly staring blank on my television yesterday watching the pre-fight bitch-off between Cotto and Mayweather while my mind is travelling to Turkey. Basking under the annoying aura of Floyd made me utter loudly–“this sucker should reconsider joining pro wrestling instead of—WTF? is that the Bieber girl?

Late afternoon this video spread across facebookdom faster than herpes in a college frat house.

So the brouhaha started when the Baretto bee started throwing fits at the counter when they found out that their luggages were offloaded due to “safety measures.” It just so happen that the controversial media man, Mon Tulfo, was in the same airport and tried pulling a paparazzi stunt off his a-hole and started taking pictures using his phone. Tulfo said when he told the news that he was just concerned, “The ground stewardess was on the verge of tears!” He claimed that he never saw it coming when he was physically assaulted by the actress’ husband Raymart (damn, I never imagined that I will actually be typing these names in this lifetime. *facepalm).

See, the issue here branches out to different directions: First, how cebu pacific ground staff handled the scenario. They should have the right manpower with the right skill set to handle people like the Barettos. These celebrity clan have a biting reputation of having slashing tongues that can run faster than the propeller of cebupac’s ATR72-500. Ground attendants crying on the counter will just fuel their contabida flame and will just make it easy for them to bite off their heads. Second, if Tulfo, like what he stated, was sincerely concerned of what was happening, he could have just tried mediating and NOT feasting on the material that could potentially be viral on the web. Karma’s a bitch so he ended up on his very own viral video. Lastly, Six security guards? Are you kidding me?

Now both parties are facing the camera with their underdog faces on and they are playing such characters that leave the people unsure which side to take. Perhaps start betting on who’s good and who’s side is the evil with the totality of what’s going around, The Baretto-Santiagos are on the loosing side. But in the end, what happened just showed how uncivilized some people can become under adverse circumstances.

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Sometimes passengers find themselves caught off guard when airport drama like this happen. I was in the same scenario two years ago when my Jetstar flight was delayed for more than 24 hours. We demanded for an explanation, but instead of talking to us, the manager of Jetstar Office hid behind their office at terminal 1 and tried avoiding the furious passengers. One German lady couldn’t help but cry because she missed her connecting flight to that one event that she have long been waiting to attend since college. That made me feel bad for her and I exploded that I went beyond the counter barricade and knocked the door open to confront whoever should have been responsible in handling the crowd.

Me: If you can’t find a flight for us, then at least give us a decent place to spend the night.
Manger: Mister, you booked a promo fare, it doesn’t go with such perks!
Me: .. THAT’S IT! YOU MUTHA*^&#$%*@(!

I contained myself when a 50 something year old passenger held me and pacified my anger. If not for this good soul, that manager would never hear the end of it ’til kingdom come.

So going back to the Las Vegas ring side, Mayweather (with the moral support of his girlfriend Bieber) won the fight that day. Who cares? For me this NAIA fiasco is the fight of the year. But seriously, it was so delicious that it was fattening. I wouldn’t mind seeing Claudine in the boxing ring with Mayweather for next season’s Heavyweight match.

Have you encountered such scenario while traveling? What will you do when you find yourself in the middle of an airport drama?