lost and found in bali

Solo traveling is a common practice. To most cases, it is preceded by a major change in life like break-ups, resignation, retirement, graduation, loss of a loved one and even as simple as being burnt-out of a routine. We travel alone to seek refuge, to find answers, to have peace and in my case, just to GET LOST!

Seriously, after deciding to file my resignation as ambulance nurse in that god-forsaken emergency unit, the first thought that I put into action is to open my computer and book the earliest and cheapest flight out of Singapore to anywhere. I deserve a break, in some luxury cruise or an African adventure. But “Cheap” is the operative word so Bali Indonesia it is.

After a week, I found out that fellow Pinoy travelers were also in the island and so we decided to have a long overdue meet-up. A reunion with a close friend Flip of Flipnomad.com and two other good friends from the blogging-backpacking circle whom I met for the first time, Val and Bino.

We spent the whole night catching-up and as usual, we talked about things that are close to our hearts–Higgs Boson and 2012 armageddon… COME ON, Of course we talked about travels and life on the road. I came to realize that we as wanderlusts are indeed, so much alike that we could have put up a sync-dancing Korean boy band–minus the obnoxious sappiness.

My favorite breakfast, I don’t know what they call this but it’s just a simple toast with banana and condensed milk and loaf bread soaked in melted butter. (Free from the hostel)

Popular Indonesian Satay, costs around US$3

Midday came and my friends had to leave for Singapore en route to god-knows-where. I bade farewell to these dear people with a cloud of sadness and uncertainty, for I don’t know when we will be crossing paths again… #SmackThatRonnieWithCheese

I shook the emo-ness off and moved on to continue my quest to getting lost. My innate indolence led me on a circling foot path around the town of Kuta. Then it hit me, the place looks, smells and feels familiar… Oh! Right… Boracay.

The all-day party scene was not helping. I was wanting to have that Julia Roberts’ moment of eating, praying and loving. Of awakening and self-discovery. But how will I get that with all the partying surfer brats around me yakking and flipping their blonde hair like a bunch of half naked Justin Bieber minions?

Out of disillusionment, I walked further out and found myself walking along the beach of Kuta.

The bright blue sky was abruptly covered with gloom clouds like the heaven was playing a joke on me. Then the mood shifted at 180°, now every single element of the beach scene reduced my heart to it’s tightest crumpled form. GREAT!

Should the piano start playing? Do I hear Adele’s yodel fading-in with the crashing sound of the waves? I felt like I was starting to get to that state of getting lost that nothing else was there but me, my expendable pains and my … WHAT THE F**K?! IS THAT BRENDAN?!

Left: A close friend of me and Monette whom we met on the road when we started backpacking in 2008. He visited Philippines and Singapore just to see us. He’s supposed to be in England but he was, at that time, in Bali… RUINING MY MOMENT! LOL

Right: Jollibee

So the night of anticipated solemnity became a night of disbelief of unplanned reunion fueled with bottles of Binatang Beer. It became one of those boys’ night outs that gave me headache the next morning, headache caused by deciphering thick English accent. At the end of the day, it felt good that people in my traveling circle are randomly popping out of thin air just right when I need them.

With the attempt of getting LOST in the unfamiliar, I FOUND another strong evidence that the universe will conspire and align with its plan for us. And if she doesn’t want us to be alone, we will never be.