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    I love this Ron. It is very useful tips and need I say you captured the best photos here? I love them all.

    Wait, is there festivals where u see them doing this or all year round they do this? I wanna go there too and I will take ur advice for a homestay.


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    @Doc… thanks Doc, tirtha empul is open all year round, but people go there every full moon to offer food, flowers and prayers. i was lucky to have Putu (the son of the Homestay owner) to teach me to do the prayers in the spring fountain.

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    I love this, ok super-kept-secret-cause-it’s-so-corny, i imagine a soundtrack playing on the background while i’m traveling, it’s like a prayer of hope on how i want my trip to turn out.

    Oh and Joyce Bernal? No, Christopher Nolan please, when a woman is treacherous and inches from slashing you while wearing a skintight suit is a fantasy best lived out on the road. <3

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    Your travel pics are good!

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    pwde pala magbabad sa holy spring kahit mga tourists? matry nga bukas haha

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    The dresses which people are wearing in the pictures are really wonderful. I believe, this is their traditional dressing style.

  • http://www.inkedles.com Xander

    Stunning photos.. wish to visit Bali..

  • Hans and Haze

    We’ll be indulging ourselves in a week long vacay in Bali come July. We might probably not do the Eat, Pray, Love shit because I think it’ll take me longer than a week to find myself (believe me, I’ve been looking for __years and I still haven’t!). Nevertheless, the sarongs and the fountain serves as a peg for when we get there! Can’t wait cause I wanna be a billionaire so freakin’ bad! Cheers! – haze

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