What would a dream cruise actually involve?


Being on a cruise ship might seem a little restrictive to some holiday makers, being constrained by the boundaries of the liner. However, the modern cruise ship is massive, having several decks of fun-filled activities, fancy restaurants, colourful bars, a huge swimming pool and, of course, tons of hook-up opportunities! Nevertheless, if you wanted your cruise to be the stuff of fantasy (stop thinking kinky) what would it involve?

A survey conducted into what people want from their cruise, no questions asked, revealed some rather surprising answers. When asked what famous ship they would like their cruise to be based on, 29% of respondents said they wanted it to be like the Titanic, the original luxury liner, with The Enterprise surprisingly coming second, scoring 22% of the vote.

The idea of a themed cruise seemed to appeal to many people, with one particular theme striking a chord with many respondents. 63% of people would enjoy a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, with 58% going for Arabian Nights. The former certainly makes sense, especially in the high seas.

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  • lawstude

    January 7, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    do tom cruise count? lol
    kiddin’ aside, my idea of a cruise involve Caribbean music and Spanish belles swaying to the beat.

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