malasimbo music and arts festival

For a self-confessed music lover, I have not gone to ANY concerts… Sure, there was this one time in my elementary days when I saw a mall tour of the Introvoys, but I don’t think that counts under an awesome music experience. There were numerous times when I performed on stage during my band days but I wouldn’t consider them concerts. And there were a lot of concerts by foreign artists in the Philippines that I missed, all because I don’t like the mob.

This year, I vow to change that. I am raiding the 2013 Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival in Puerto Galera, and so should you! I give you three reasons why you should: Grace Nono, and Grammy Award Winners Jimmy Cliff and Joss Stone. Yes, I know I had you at JOSS STONE!

malasimbo music and arts festival

Not only will there be music, there will be art installations of over 20 visual artists across the concerts grounds, including awesome sculptures by Raphael David. If the mountain is not your element, the guys behind the Malasimbo festival has a party going on aboard the Malasimboat. Take that, White Beach tranny shows!

So if you’ve nothing better to do this weekend, bask in music and let’s all have a good time!


Tickets/Festival Passes

               PASSES                                                                                PRICE (in PHP)
1 night pass (6PM-6AM)                                                                         2,500
2 night pass (6PM-6AM)                                                                         3,500
3 night pass (6PM-6AM)                                                                         4,500
1 day pass (10AM-4PM)                                                                           500
1 Malasimboat Party Pass (1:30PM and 4PM)                                     500

Transportation to Malasimbo Festival Grounds (Operated by Puerto Galera’s Jeepney Association)

Sabang Beach
White Beach A
White Beach B


9AM – 2PM: PhP100
5PM – 10PM: PhP100
*Last Trip to Malasimbo is at 10PM

12NN – 3PM: PhP100
9PM – 2AM: PhP100
2AM – 6AM: PhP150
*Last trip to Puerto Galera Stations is at 6AM


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