Other victims of the travel bug!

The Vagabond Adventures. Join Lucy, Lachlan and adorable Bow Wow as their team roam across the big wild Africa.

Riding Out The Economy. The amazing duo, Cengiz and Tony share their post college “far east” adventures in this blog.

Glamour Granny Travels. The inspiring storytelling of the most fabulous granny ever, Inka.

Adventures with Cloud People. The passionate team of an aerospace engineering (Jamie) and an anthropologist (Jess) exploring Central America.

i should log off. Jillian and Danny, an athletic and adventurous couple sharing their stories as they run across the world.

Expat in Germany. Read the adventures of a Canadian girl Laurel, and her exploration of Germany and beyond

European Travelista. fun reads about Debbie’s reunion with our dream destination, Europe.

Budget Travel Adventures. get tips from Jeremy Branham, a family guy from South Carolina who explored Europe and North America

vagabond3. Join the crazy adventures of the awesome threesome Jade, Bob and Rob across the globe

The Travel Chica. Stephanie, a girl from Ohio decided to go on a sabbatical break and started exploring her potentials while wandering Central and South America.


yes! this isn’t the complete list. shoot us an email if you want to add your blog in this page.


hugs and kisses mortals!